Announcing 2021 Photo Contest

From Garry:

Fellow CLAS Members,

Since we are still holding virtual meetings these days and not meeting face to face, the CLAS board of directors has decided to continue to hold the annual CLAS Photo Contest on-line again this year.

Check out past winners from our annual Calendar Photo Contest, 2007 - 2021

Please send your three photo entries to Garry Guertin at . If the files are too large and bog down your email, you may send them individually as one photo per email.

As always, photos can be color enhanced but may not be modified by adding/removing any elements. Since there probably were not a lot of ballooning pictures taken during the past year, the rule that the pictures must have been taken during the past year is waived again this year. The date the photo was taken does not matter. Photos should be in landscape mode (long sides at the top and bottom), NOT portrait mode.

Please include the place the photo was taken in the text portion of your email(s).

If your email address does not contain your name, please include it in the text portion of your email.

Entries will be accepted until midnight, October 13, 2021. The entries will then be posted on our Facebook and web sites and you will be able to vote on your 12 favorite photos by email. The pictures will be identified by number to preserve anonymity. An additional email notification will be sent out, shortly after October 13, letting you know that the pictures are posted and ready for voting. The winning photos will be announced at the Zoom meeting on October 21.

Prizes are as follows:

  • 1st Place - Free 2022 CLAS Dues & picture on the Calendar Cover
  • 2nd Place - 2 Free 2022 CLAS Calendars
  • 3rd Place- 1 Free 2022 CLAS Calendar

So, look through your archives and send in your three best photos. As always, the top 12 photos will appear on our CLAS Calendar for 2022.

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